Principles of Business Administration

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MCR611 ESS Principles of Business Administration

Professor: Theodoros KOUTSOBINAS

The objective of this course is to examine systematically the combination of behavioural, organizational and often cultural influences, systems and skills to successfully meet the challenges of a complex, uncertain and competitive business environment. Secondly, to analyze with an interdisciplinary approach issues of business decision-making and of organizational planning and behavior and to support the development of conceptual and theoretical skills. Specifically, this course contributes to the acquisition on the part of students of knowledge and skills for the management of organizations -in public and private sector. Priority issues which are analyzed relate to responsibilities of organizational and operational management, the management of human resources and productivity, the measurement of quality of services and information management with the use of case-studies and examples from the modern business environment. A special emphasis is attributed to the behavioural analysis of the business environment and the formulation of business strategy of organizations.


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