Ritual as Performance and Representation

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MCR810-ESS Ritual as Performance and Representation

Professor: Cleo GOUGOULIS

The course explores anthropological and folklorist interpretations of ritual in terms of standardized symbolic actιon performed during important stages of the life course or the year with an emphasis on rituals, such as rites of passage, marking transitions and crises. The analysis will include examples of different ethnographic approaches to rituals of symbolic inversion such as Carnival in Greece and other cultures. Further emphasis will be laid on the discussion of analytical concepts such as folklorism and folklorist practices, tradition, representation and performance in the context of exploring questions on the politics of culture. These questions will be discussed with reference to specific ethnographic examples ranging from the critical analysis of contemporary festivals to theoretical investigations of ceremonies inaugurating athletic events such as the Olympics.

The course aims to enhance students’ understanding of ritual practices and ceremonies in traditional and contemporary society and to familiarize students with anthropological and folklorist approaches to ritual action.


  2. Βιβλίο [59383557]: Από την τελετουργία στο θέατρο, Turner Victor Λεπτομέρειες


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