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The curriculum aims at providing students with appropriate education, training and research experience necessary for contributing to the development of national cultural policy,  the proper management and operation of cultural environment and cultural heritage, and the advancement of cultural informatics.

The Undergraduate Study Programme of the Department has been granted accreditation (for the period 9.1.2019-8.1.2023) to be fully compliant with the principles of the HQA (Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency) and the Standards and Guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG 2015).

A Bachelor’s degree is obtained as long as a minimum of credits is acquired and involves at least eight (8) semesters. A Bachelor’s degree can not be obtained in less than four years of study. From the fifth (5th) semester on, students select one of the two directions of the Department, namely:

  1. Direction of Management of Cultural Resources (MCR) or
  2. Direction of Cultural Informatics (CI).

The attendance varies according to the direction chosen. The language of instruction is Greek.

For obtaining a Bachelor’ s degree, a total number of credits is required which results from successful participation in course exams, including workshops (where provided) and, optionally, a Final Year Project. Course credits together with ECTS credits are listed in the Curriculum 2017-18.

Course guide

The courses are classified in two categories:

  1. Compulsory (C). The core curriculum consists of a series of compulsory courses covering essential foundation skills. Compulsory courses are common for all students.
  2. Elective courses (E) which are relevant to the directions of the curriculum.
  3. Elective (optional) courses, which can be freely selected.

The foreign language course (English) is provided as a Compulsory course in the first and second semester.

Elective Compulsory Courses (ECC) are offered from the fifth (5th) semester on.

The method of calculating the GPO is uniform for all public institutions and is calculated on the basis of the grades in all courses required for obtaining a degree. The curriculum is announced on the website of the Department and on the bulletin board of the Secretariat.

Course code numbers (in the curriculum) are as follows:

C: Compulsory course

EC: Elective Compulsory course

ESS: Elective course – Spring Semester

EFS: Elective course – Fall Semester

MCR: course of the Management of Cultural Resources direction

CI: course of the Cultural Informatics direction

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