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ΕΕ814 Final Year Project

The following conditions hold regarding the Final Year Project (as decided during the 3rd/4-11-2011 and 4th/11-11-11 meeting of the GA of the Department):

  • A Final Year Project is not compulsory.
  • Students in the 7th – 8th semester with less than five (5) remaining courses can apply for a Final Year Project. There can be exceptions to this rule assuming there is the Supervisor’s consent.
  • A Final Year Project replaces two electives of the fourth year (one of the fall semester and one of the spring semester) and contributes six (6) ects credits.
  • Students interested in starting a Final Year Project submit their application to the Administration of the Department, together with a recent certificate of study. The supervising Faculty Member as well as the subject of the work must be included in the application. Each Faculty Member can supervise up to eight (8) Final Year Projects. In case a Faculty Member receives more than than eight (8) Final Year Project applications, it is up to the Faculty Member to decide which to accept.
  • The application for starting a Final Year Project is submitted at the beginning of the fall semester and it is approved during a meeting of the General Assembly of the Department when the second supervising Faculty Member is also appointed. Final Year Project reviews are open processes conducted on specific dates during the academic year. After the review, a report containing the overall result (Pass/Fail) and the obtained score is submitted by the supervising Faculty Members to the Administration of the Department.
  • A Final Year Project is assigned to individual students – not groups of students.
  • The Final Year Project report should be more than fifty (50) pages.


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