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Article by Th. Koutsobinas receives Communication and Media Studies International Award for Excellence

The research article “Media Regulation, Competition Policy and Cross-ownership Schemes: The Case of Greece“, The Journal of Communication and Media Studies, 3 (2), pp. 1-16, 2018 authored by Theodoros KOUTSOBINAS received the Journal of Communication and Media Studies annual award for newly published research that has been recognized to be outstanding by members of the Communication and Media Studies Research Network. The winning article is selected from the ten highest-ranked articles emerging from the peer review process.

“Vandalism?” by Konstantinos Thanos in the competition section of the 12th Greek Documentary Festival

The documentary “Vandalism?” by Konstantinos THANOS was selected for the competition section of the 12th Greek Documentary Festival to be held in Chalkida, November, 13-18, 2018 (http://docfest.gr/).

The film has been based on research work of Konstantinos THANOS under the supervision of Prof. Theodora MONIOUDI-GAVALA in the context of the graduate course “Settlements of the past in contemporary urban landscapes. Perception and management” of the Graduate Program “Networking Cities and Representations” of the Department of Cultural Heritage Management and New Technologies of the University of Patras.

23rd Economia Student Competition “Culture & Greek Economy” (2016-17): Polydera & Schiza win 2nd prize

The essay entitled “Cultural Industries, central and regional growth” submitted by the students of the Department Elli POLYDERA and Elpida SCHIZA to the 23ο Economia Student Competition on “Culture & Greek Economy” (2016-17) was awarded the 2nd group-project prize!


Evi Papaioannou

Award Ceremony of the 23rd Economia Student Competition

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