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The department of Cultural Heritage Management and New Technologies of the University of Patras, located in Agrinio, announces a call for 20 graduate students in the context of its Graduate Program “Networking Cities and Representations”, according to Government Gazette 1626B / 10.05.2018. The minimum duration of studies is 4 academic semesters and attendance is compulsory.

Candidates should hold a degree from national or international higher education institutes in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering, Social and Human Sciences, Economics, Media and Communication, Cultural Management and Informatics. A GPO of at least 6,5/10 is required.

Candidates holding a degree from national higher education institutes must also have a certificate for good knowledge of a English, French or German. Foreign candidates must have a certificate for sufficient knowledge of the greek language.

Candidates are invited to submit the following supporting documents by Friday, November 16, 2018:

  • Application (doc and pdf)
  • Short CV
  • Copies of certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Language certificates (certified copies)
  • Publications (if available)
  • Copy id ID card or passport
  • 2 recommendation letters

University or technological degrees awarded by foreign Higher Education Institutions must be recognized by Δ.Ο.Α.Τ.Α.Π. (Hellenic NARIC).

The Steering Committee of the graduate program submits a proposal for the acceptance of the top 20 based on the following criteria:

  1. performance in written examinations*
  2. GPO,
  3. performance in undergraduates courses relevant to the MSc curriculum,
  4. oral interview (considered as part of the general profile and scientific background of candidates in addition to recommendation letters),
  5. candidates’ research work (if any) in relevant scientific areas.

*A “pass” result in the written examinations is a prerequisite for a candidate to be considered for acceptance.

According to the above 5 criteria, candidate level (in a 0-10 scale) is quantitatively determined using the following weights:

a. GPO: 3

b. Scores in undergraduates courses relevant to the MSc curriculum: 1

c. Oral interview: 2

d. Performance in written examinations:3

e. General profile (taking into account additional qualifications): 1

In line with the curriculum of the graduate program, an interdisciplinary group of new graduate students is anticipated.

Candidates are kindly requested to submit their application together with the required additional material via before the deadline (November 16, 2018).

For any additional information or support, candidates are encouraged to contact the administration of the Department at 2610962632, 2610962633 and 2610962636 or visit the website of the Department.

The President of the Department


Associate Professor

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