The PhD graduate program of the Department follows law 4485/2017, other relevant legislation as well as the PhD Studies Regulation.

Areas of interest include fields falling within the research interests and / or the subject areas of the Department. A doctoral diploma certifies the essential contribution of its holder to the evolution of key cognitive areas, an in-depth understanding of the corresponding scientific area and the development of an original dissertation featuring the interdisciplinary character of the Department: humanitarian, social and economic sciences, art and engineering sciences, new technologies sciences.

Completing a PhD thesis leads to a “Doctoral Diploma in Cultural Heritage Management and Technology” .

PhD candidates should hold:

  • a Degree from a higher education institute.
  • a MSc, MPhill.

Persons interested in PhD studies at the Department should submit an application to the Secretariat of the Department together with:

  • Detailed CV
  • Summary of the suggested PhD thesis including research interests and priorities
  • Certificate of sufficient knowledge of at least one EU language (preferably, English)
  • At least two recommendation letters provided by professors and/or researchers in closed envelope
  • Copies of publications or projects (undergraduate or graduate), if any

Evaluation of submitted applications is conducted on behalf of committees composed of faculty members of the Department in relevant research areas. Each committee makes a proposal to the Assembly of the Department regarding the acceptance or rejection of submitted applications. The Assembly of the Department makes the final decision on the accepted proposals and also regarding the writing language which can be either Greek or English.

After the constitution of the supervising committee, a period of at least three (3) years is required before the PhD thesis defense. This period should not exceed a maximum duration of eight (8) years.


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