Graph theory and combinatorics

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CI812 Graph theory and combinatorics

Professor: Evi PAPAIOANNOU

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The course is an introduction to combinatorics and graph theory with special attention to problems and techniques with real world appilcations so that students acquire the necessary background and skills for using them efficiently in practice for addressing a variety of issues relevant to the Management of Cultural Heritage, with or without the support of New Technologies.

The objectives of this course include the development of algorithmic and computational thinking.



  1. Βιβλίο [77106820]: Διακριτά μαθηματικά και εφαρμογές τους, 8η Έκδοση, Rosen Kenneth H. Λεπτομέρειες
  2. Βιβλίο [86055409]: Διακριτά μαθηματικά. D. Hunter, Λεπτομέρειες

Course outline

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